Unit 20

Unit 20

Vehicle Type - 2008 Ford F-350.

Uses - Emt response vehicle also a support vehicle for Fire Calls.

Equipment - Backboard with immobilization equipment, Defibrillator, Combitube, Bag mask, Suction Unit, O2 supplies, GPS, NRS 140 Rescue Raft, Life Jackets, Water Rescue Helmets, Paddles, Inflator, Gas leak detector, Radiation Detector, Co detector.

Engine 21

Engine 21

Vehicle Type - 1995 EEI 4 door Freightliner

Uses - Front Line Engine

Specs -1500 GPM Hale Pump, 1000 gal Poly Tank, Font line Engine, Truck Mount Generator, Deck Gun, MSA Thermal Image Camera.

ET 22

Vehicle Type - 1999 American LaFrance Freighliner

Uses - 2nd out Engine Tanker / Mutual aid Responses

Specs -  1250 GPM Hale Pump, 1000 Gal. Poly Tank.


Brush Truck 23

Vehicle Type - 1967 Kaiser Jeep

Uses - Woods, Brush, and Grass Fires.

Specs - 300 gal Poly Tank

400' Forestry hose

200' Booster Line / Reel

Front Bumper Sprinkler system for on the go Firefighting.


Rescue 27

Vehicle Type - 2008 Ford F-350 with utility Bed

Uses - 2nd out on Pin in or Entrapments / Race Track Standby/1st out on 10-50 and backup on Medical calls.

Specs - Truck Mounted Generator, Tripod Lights, Several different Extinguishers, Hand tools.

Truck mounted Purple K Fire Extinguisher with aprox. 50 ft hose for Fire Protection on accident scenes.





Rescue 25

Vehicle Type - 1988 Mack Swab Rescue Truck with walk in box

Uses - Rescue, Fire Support, Command, Wrecks, and Mutual Aid

Equipment -  Hurst Air Bags, Cutters, Rams, Combi-tool, Spreader, Brake Pedal cutter, Water Rescue and Rope Rescue equipment






Tanker 26

Vehicle Type -G.M.C. Five Star General

Uses - Super Tanker

Specs -1250 G.P. M pump and 2500 gal booster tank





Engine 24

Vehicle Type - 2014 Sutphen Custom Engine / Tanker.

Uses - Front Line engine at main station.


 Engine 28

Vehicle Type - 2017 Pierce Freightliner.

Uses - Front Line engine at sub station.




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