Thanks for visiting our website. We are located in the North-Western part of Alamance County, North Carolina. Our fire department is incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of North Carolina as a non-profit corporation. The primary purpose of the corporation is to afford fire protection to the community, including the portion of Guilford County joining the Altamahaw-Ossipee School District. The secondary purpose is to aid, assist and cooperate with any and all organizations, private or public, in promoting safety to property and protection of lives.

We have two locations.  Our main station is located at 2806 Old NC 87, and our Sub Station located at 4168 Stoney Creek Church road.  Our fire department has approximately 30 members on role. The main department is staffed 24 hours a day. We have three paid personnel that work 24 on and 48 off, and 1 person between 8am - 5pm M-F. We are the only fire department in Alamance County certified with "Heavy Rescue Provider".  Our department also has one of the three Medic units in the county which an advance life support technician is always on duty.

The Altamahaw-Ossipee Fire Department completed their inspection with the North Carolina Department of Insurance in conjunction with the North Carolina Response Rating System. The inspection assesses proper staff levels, equipment, maintenance of equipment, communications, and water source availability . It is with great pleasure to announce that effective August 1, 2021 the Altamahaw-Ossipee Fire Department rating improved from a 6/9E to a 4/9E rating. 


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2007 Call History Total = 687

2008 Call History Total = 663

2009 Call History Total = 672

2010 Call History Total = 683

2011 Call History Total = 789

2012 Call History Total = 743

2013 Call History Total = 872

2014 Call History Total = 822

2015 Call History Total = 814

2016 Call History Total = 854

2017 Call History Total = 918

2018 Call History Total = 980

2019 Call History Total = 929

2020 Call History Total = 848


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